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What is RuleBuddy?

RuleBuddy is a true companion to Architects for compliance check of building designs with the development control (DC) rules at the design stage itself.

Creating building plans and designs, while taking into consideration latest development control (DC) rules with periodic amendments is a daunting task taking away your crucial intellectual time. Adding to the stress are tight deadlines and your client expectations of avoiding recycle of plan approval process.

RuleBuddy is the Portal, which offers instant and easy online access to DC rules and compliance requirements. RuleBuddy works with you to provide specific rules related to your project just by providing basic key words and/or project information.

RuleBuddy saves the crucial time spent by you in rework, giving you ample time for creative energies in designing better buildings, thereby gaining on revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Get to know building regulations & Development control rules for multiple cities

Approval Process flow

Know about the different stages through which your building proposal will pass.

Document Check List

Know about various required documents for submitting a proposal at a click.

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Explore Rules

Search for rules regarding a specific element in a building project.

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Upload a design and verify if your plan satisfies building by laws.

Fee Calculator

Calculate submission fees based on project details.

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Get an understanding into applicable rules based on project parameters.

Will my project pass?

Get a compliance report for your project from a ULB of your choice.

Rent a Scrutiny tool

Arrive at a perfect building plan analysis through our scrutiny tool AutoDCR®